Postural care and measurement

Postural care for 0-3 Year Olds


For families unexpectedly thrust into the world of disability, discussing and understanding issues around 24-hour postural care can be challenging. This comprehensive and practical study day will equip practitioners working with families in these critical early years.   

Using evidence-based practice and the understanding of lived experience Rachel engages delegates to understand the physiological, therapeutic and emotional issues surrounding engaging and supporting families of preschoolers. 

Postural Care for Children


As children grow and develop their postural care needs change. This practical and engaging study day will support practitioners and parents to develop and deliver effective and responsive postural care during this exciting time.

Using evidence-based practice and her experiences gleaned over many years, both as a parent and a supporter of children and young people Sarah will encourage delegates to explore the physical and emotional aspects of postural care provision for this dynamic group.  

Emphasis will be placed during the course of the day on physical assessment, outcome and goal setting as well as practical activities to ensure that delegates feel confident in their positioning techniques and skills.

Postural Care for Adults


Over the past 30 years we have seen significant progress in the support of people with complex healthcare needs in order to protect their body shape as they grow.  However, many adults with complex body shape may have grown up in a time when such support was unavailable. Complex body shape serves as a formidable barrier to inclusion as well as adding to an already complex healthcare picture for many.

This practical and engaging study day will support such practitioners to develop their postural care skills with a focus specifically on supporting those with existing complex body shape.

Postural Care for Long Term Conditions


There are many reasons for individuals to find they are no longer as physically active as they once were. A decrease in activity with older age, frailty or a diagnosis of a condition that affects a person’s movement may lead to them spending long periods of time in a limited number of positions.

This new and exciting study day will focus on the postural care needs of adults with long term conditions such as Dementia, Parkinson’s and MS. Outlining the findings from independent research conducted by the University of Salford Sarah will support delegates to explore how postural care may be used to improve many aspects of a person’s life  

The Goldsmith Indices of Body Symmetry


This course provides healthcare practitioners with the practical skills they need in order to provide validated and objective measurement.  We will cover aspects of measurement including the theoretical principles of body shape distortion as well as the procedure itself and how results translate into therapeutic interventions.

On leaving this course not only will you be armed with the skills needed to provide measurement but you will also have access to our online database in order to record your results

Each participant will receive a voucher for a 10% discount on our Anatomical Measuring Instrument (AMI) which we will use throughout the course. Vouchers may only be used once and not in conjunction with any other voucher or offer.

Postural Care Assessment for Scoliosis


This free two hour training session will support delegates to understand the influence of the sleeping posture on the development of scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis.

The average person spends almost a third of their time asleep in bed. The position we sleep in has a huge impact on our body shape over a long period of time, understanding this influence provides a starting point for the introduction of therapeutic night time positioning. During the course of the session you will have the opportunity to experience therapeutic night-time positioning for yourself as well as meeting our fully trained measurement and sports therapy team. 

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